We are very excited to announce that the next Precision Medicine Networking Forum will be held on October 12-13, 2023 in Riga, Latvia.

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We invite you to participate in first PMNET-Forum event dedicated to precision medicine for oncological patients!

Applications of genomic technologies are disruptive, so the challenge for healthcare professionals, healthcare providers, as well as for researchers and in academia in general, is to learn how to best use precision medicine. All other stakeholders will need to ensure that their own knowledge continues to evolve, and this will require a greater emphasis on continual professional training. For example, if politicians and healthcare organisers are to discharge their tasks responsibly, they will have to take the need to be informed about all the implications of their decisions seriously.

The event will take place over two days, it will be dynamic and multidisciplinary and comprised of ten sessions with range of national and international experts in clinical oncology, molecular diagnostics, bioinformatics, research, healthcare, research management, and economics. International clinical experts will share their experience in several areas, for example paediatric oncology, cancer of unknown primary, the role of molecular tumour boards, stratification of patients for clinical trials, and the importance of collaboration. Many patients and professionals expect high benefits from precision medicine and have a positive attitude towards it. However, patients and professionals also perceive some risks like lack of evidence for efficacy of treatments, the availability of the necessary therapy, and patients’ limited knowledge that makes informed consent more difficult, can lead to misuse of data and ethical issues.

In this rapidly changing healthcare world, stakeholders have a responsibility to identify key barriers existing in policy and governance, to find and test solutions that bridge identified gaps in order to ease the way to promote research, to synthesise new knowledge and implement it as part of value-based healthcare.

Invitation by Dr Valts Ābols

CEO of Children's University Hospital Latvia

Invitation to Join the sessions on healthcare data

by Emil Syundyukov, Chief technology officer - Longenesis

Invitation by Ilze Indriksone,  Minister for Economics

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