14 October, Hall Senates

9:20-10:30 Joint session with the Ministry of Economics of the Republic of Latvia and the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia

Mission-oriented approach for precision medicine evolution 


ICGC ARGO Independent Advisory Committee at International Cancer Genome Consortium; Executive Director, European Alliance for Personalised Medicine.

The European Alliance for Personalised Medicine brings together Europe's leading healthcare experts and patient advocates to improve patient care by accelerating the development, delivery and uptake of personalised medicine and diagnostics.

It is calling for the European Commission, the European Parliament and EU member states to help improve the regulatory environment so that patients can have early access to personalised medicine, and so that research is boosted.


Raimonds Lapiņš - Deputy State Secretary on Economic Development, Business Competitiveness, and Innovation of the Ministry of Economics of Latvia

Prof. Alvils Krams - Chief specialist for pulmonology, University of Latvia


Alvils Krams "Development of a method for lung cancer risk assessment, early diagnosis and prediction based on big data"

The goal  of the project is to develop and commercialize a new large database for lung cancer risk prevention, early diagnosis and the intended technology. Contrary to the currently used diagnostic methods, the new technology will be less aggressive and more accurate, at a more affordable price and will greatly contribute to the efficiency and development of lung cancer screening, timely diagnostics of precision medicine.

About the discussion:

Latvia is ready to take on global challenges and offer solutions created in Latvia to the worldOne of our strengths is our ability to do complex things quickly and well, to take on different challenges and to become a platform for innovation. Our shared values of being: 1.) connectors of different worlds, 2.) ready for new challenges, and also 3) a platform for creative experimentation.

Through the mission-oriented approach Latvia are activating Biomedicine ecosystem as a bridge between policy makers, patients and scientists. Stakeholders, including scientists and compatriots residing outside Latvia are engaged in participatory and transdisciplinary research approaches to coproduce knowledge and inform policy-makers in Latvia, creating a well-functioning triple-helix collaborative approach.

European Commission has been working on allocating resources, bringing  in technology and using power of ecosystems, so that precision medicine is available for anyone in society. European Alliance's for Personalised Medicine role has been as a bridgein bringing together stakeholders from across the widest spectrum of health care, to seek common ground and consensus, and to candidly identify persisting divergences and challenges still to be overcome in implementing personalised care in Europe and beyond.